Series 1
2021-2022 ++
  1. 妓子如玉

  2. Meta Body
  3. Flow
  4. Nausicaa Campaign
  5. Portrait
  6. Presence

Series 2
  1. Tibet&Budda
  2. Tibet&Budda (Film version)

Yaxin Zou —
  1. Current SVA BFA design student.
  2. Devote to fashion and beauty. Expertise in branding, editorial design and was self learning fashion photography.


1. 妓子如玉

In this photo project, I was inspired by Chinese ancient female performers that were made into this industry.
They make a living as a performer selling the art as well as their body. But their spirit could be pure and clean as jade. It addresses gender inequality during primitive society.

If only there was a chance, they can choose another path.

NYC / 2022
Photo: Yaxin Zou
Model: Alina Zhang
Make up and hair: Yaxin Zou
Styling: Yaxin Zou, Alina Zhang
Assistant: Mengqisn Chang